Entry: XXVII Thursday, January 06, 2011

Wow... I'm another year older, me!

Today is my birthday. Nothing much happened. I went to work today. Handled 2 long but not too tough Level 1 bridges (GSD stuff) Replied thank you's to my friends who greeted my in Facebook during avail times. Bought a new book by Bob Ong, "Ang Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan". Ate siomai and apple for lunch. Drank green tea. Good thing my team mates did not nag me for a treat, because I don't much money, haha. I went home after 11 hours at the office. When I get home, I ate some cake that my mom bought for me. I like it a lot.

Gotta love the simple things, guys. Simple things.

27. Wow, I'm a year older. Well, I wish that I stay healthy and the whole year, and every other good thing should follow. Hopefully. But of course, I'll do my best to achieve good things.

By the way, the good thing about having a birthday a few days after the stary of a new year is I get to enjoy a year in my life on my own with the year in the life of everybody else. It's quite cool, because as the year goes and stuff happens in the world, my year happens as well.

Haha. I'm talking nonesense. Anyway, this day has been a cool one. No parties, but that's ok. As long as I'm alive and with my family and friends, everything is cool. Most of the time, that is. Of course, some bad things happen every now and then. But not today. And hopefully, for the rest of the year as well.

Thanks to all who greeted me, from the close ones to those that I barely talked with in college or not at all until now. Thank you, guys. I wish you a great year as well.

Now, the start of my year. Year 27. Give me your best shot.


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